Social Media Influencers Feature: Amy Roiland

We have some many amazing members at the Social Media Influencers Facebook Group and we wanted to create a weekly interview series in the group

Just wanted to introduce you all to the Fashion Blogger and CEO of her very own innovative fashion app, Amy Roiland. She is a highly accomplished young CEO, running her own company and she’s on a mission to make sure that bloggers get commission for their hard work

She shares a bit of her wealth of knowledge with us below!

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What are you currently working on?

I mainly am focused lately on my app I created called FashionTap. Its an app that connects the entire fashion industry on one social platform finally allowing everyone to be found by what they do and where they live for work. Everyone can make an account and connect their instagram up and tag their exact items to their image monetizing their content. We work with ShopStyle and Viglink to pay everyone what they deserve to be paid. As an influencer we are constantly advertising everyones stuff for free, we should be paid for it. FashionTap takes 0 cuts from our users money made on the app. I am also designing eyewear for Pared AU coming soon. I have other projects in the works but some are under NDA.

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How did you achieve your social media influence? 

With Focus and constancy. I have been doing @afashionenrd for over 2.5 years now and have made sure to post 5 times a week on my blog and 3 times a day on Social media outlets. I stay relevant and current and interact with others similar to me and my fans. I wrote an entire article about how to become a blogger for Fashion Xchange Magazine and how I got started and grew organically. I now have over 47k followers on IG and haven’t paid for a single 1. I ranked my account with SocialAuditPro so you can see this. No one should ever pay, work hard you will get there.

Any advice for how to get started creating your own app?  Creating an app is really difficult and costs a lot of money. So far to create Fashiontap has cost around 100k. If you want to create an app and have the time and funds contact me and I will share my awesome developers information with you. They built my app and my exact vision in less than 3 months time. The app is seamless and has more features than instagram. I couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out.

What tips would you give those who are trying to achieve social media influence?
Look at other social media influencers like yourself and see exactly what they are doing and copy it. Get on the social media outlets they are on. Interact with their fan base once you get really amazing content up. Be consistent and determined and post a ton. Stay focused. In a matter of almost 3 years I have over 800 blog posts up now. I worked my ass off and I am now working with some pretty amazing brands.