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35 Money Making Resources for Influencers

The Ultimate List of Influencer Platforms

You’ll love this guide if you want to take advantage of all the Influencer Platforms and Networks that work to connect influencers with brands. Most of these networks can help you to make money via your influence!

All the Influencer Platforms on this list are searching for influencers to join their network. We’ve also joined all the platforms ourselves to test and report back all the details to you.

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These platforms are listed in alphabetical order.

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Influencer Platforms

1. Acorn

Social Media Networks Served: Blog, All

We’ve applied a couple of times and never booked anything but this network has the highest payout for blog posts that we have seen as compared to other networks. The latest campaign in our inbox shows $750 for a blog post campaign. You can’t apply for campaigns, the network will send you campaigns in which you are invited to apply to.

Join Acorn Here

2. Activate

Social Media Networks Served: Blog, All

Tons of campaigns that you can apply to. We’ve never booked any campaigns that we’ve applied to but an influencer that we know with 130K followers says that she loves them and books from them on a regular basis. 

Join Activate Here

3. Apex Drop

Social Media Networks Served: Instagram

Minimum followers required: 1,000

No longer offered paid campaigns/trade product only

ApexDrop specializes in working with fashion influencers. Influencers can connect easily with fashion brands that they would like to collaborate with. This network has a unique model, influencers with 1000 followers qualify for deep discounts, 3000 followers = free product, 10,000 followers = paid campaigns. Also, we love that they have a super cute sign-up form.

Join Apex Drop Here

4. BabbleBoxx

Social Media Networks Served: All

Once registered, they will periodically (not often) send out a short list of campaigns that you can apply to. We’ve just tried applying for one so far. Blog posts pay around $400.

Join Babbleboxx here

5. BloggerBridge

Social Media Networks Served: All

This influencer network is geared towards travel influencers/bloggers. There are sparse opportunities posted but once in awhile there are media trip opportunities posted

Join BloggerBridge here

6. Blog Meets Brand

Social Media Networks Served: All

Just booked a blog campaign with them recently about liposuction! Average blog post campaign pays $400. They also have a few media trip campaigns that are paid that have appeared in our inbox. We haven’t booked one yet but fingers crossed!

Join Blog Meets Brand here

7. BrandBassador

Social Media Networks Served: All

BrandBassador is by invite only but you can easily request an invite. BrandBassador calls its campaigns “missions” which makes engaging with them extra fun. The interface of the website is super user-friendly and fun to use. There are paid missions and points based missions. The purpose of the points is to earn them to redeem for big prizes. For example, BrandBassador took the top 10 points earners on a yacht to the Carribeans. That works for us!

Join BrandBassador here

8. BrandSnob

Social Media Networks Served: Instagram

BrandSnob works like a Tinder for Brands and Influencers. Influencers can swipe right for the brands that you would love to work with. Brands will connect if they think its a good fit! Apply and you will receive an approval code if you are accepted.

Join BrandSnob here

9. Cirqle

Social Media Networks Served: Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

Cirqle focused on Instagram campaigns, influencers apply for the campaigns available inside the platform. The campaigns that I saw were pretty high quality. I saw a Harry Potter Barnes and Noble campaign for US creators and another drink campaign for those residing in Singapore.

Join Cirqle here

10. Clever

Social Media Networks Served: All

This platform is one of our faves. They are starting to add more and more TikTok sponsored content. Just worked on an $800 video campaign for Instagram

Join Clever here

10. Cycle

Social Media Networks Served: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine

Minimum followers required: 50,000

Focused on extremely beautiful photography and stunning videography, Cycle works with Influencers that create extraordinary content. If we were to guess, we think that Cycle focused on working with influencers with huge followings but we don’t know for sure. We submitted an application, still waiting to hear back!

Join Cycle here

11. Clever

Social Media Networks Served: Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Mostly blog and Instagram deals, we haven’t booked any blog campaigns here lately (average $400) but we book a ton of content repost campaigns ($60 for content amplification on Facebook + Twitter)

Join Clever here

12. Collectively

Social Media Networks Served: Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

This is a travel-focused platform, it seems that most of the campaigns are performance-based, meaning no payment upfront, and creators are paid off the number of page views to a particular blog post. There are occasionally media trips posted here but we’ve never booked one.

Join Collectively here

13. The Everywhere Agency

Social Media Networks Served: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

The Everywhere Society is over 4,500 members strong! They feature a proprietary software called Influencer Connect that’s basically the “” for influencers and brands, allowing them to pair influencers and brands for opportunities.

Join The Everywhere Agency here

14. Famebit

Social Media Networks Served: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine

Minimum followers required: 5,000

UPDATES: They’ve Changed to Youtube Brand Connect

Famebit is a self-service marketplace connecting brands with influencers. It was originally created for Youtube influencers so you’ll find a lot of opportunities featuring video content. Brands submit opportunities and influencers can bid and pitch for any brand opportunity available on the website. We especially love Famebit’s Collaborations section, we didn’t see anything like it on any other influencer platform. Here influencers can post requests for collaborations with other influencers – you can easily connect with Influencers that are actively looking to collaborate.

Join Famebit here

15. Fohr

Social Media Networks Served: Facebook and Instagram

Influencers who join Fohr are able to link to an elegant and clean media kit with their own unique link. Fohr also has a very strict verification process to join their network’s verified influencer network to be offered more opportunities for deals.

Join Fohr here

16. Grapevine

Social Media Networks Served: Instagram and Youtube

Grapevine connects brands with Instagram and Youtube Influencers. You can view all available opportunities right after you connect your Instagram or Youtube account. We love that the campaigns clearly list minimum followers required to apply for a campaign. We hate wasting time applying for campaigns where we aren’t a good fit!

Join Grapevine here

17. Find Your Influence 

Social Media Networks Served: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, Vine

We definitely recommend signing up with Find Your Influence. Connect all of your social sites and Find Your Influence will reach out to you if they have a campaign for you. We have successfully completed five campaigns with Find Your Influence with a Facebook Fan Page with a large following and a Twitter page with a much smaller following.

Join Find Your Influence here

18. Hello Society

Social Media Networks: Blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Vine

Hello Society is a Pinterest-focused agency although they do book brand deals with other social media sites. They take performance seriously “each influencer must undergo an evaluation period that measures such metrics as their audience engagement and ability to drive real results for brand partners.”

Find Hello Society here

19. IMA

Social Media Networks: Instagram and Youtube

IMA seems to be a fashion-focused influencer marketing agency focused on Influencers with higher social media followings. They represent over 4000 fashion and lifestyle influencers.

Join IMA here

20. Influence Central

Social Media Networks: Blog and All Social Media

We love Influence Central, we booked a large campaign with them last year spanning three blog posts and which involved the installation of an awesome water filtration system that I love inside my home. We have booked a couple of other campaigns with them also. 

Join IMA here

21. Influenster

Social Media Networks: All

Influenster is focused on connecting influencers to free product. This is not a website that you would apply for paid opportunities but if you are looking for products to review this coule be a good resource.

Join Influenster here

22. Influicity

Social Media Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

Connect your social channels and brands will reach out if they are interested in working with you. Influicity boasts over 140,000 influencers in their network.

Join Influicity here

23. Insense

Social Media Networks: All

This is my favorite platform of the moment! Half the time the campaigns don’t even require a post on social media, they just need content that they will use for their own Facebook ad campaigns. I’ve made about 2K since August and only one of the campaigns so far required that I make a static post on Instagram

Join Insense here

23. Intellifluence

Social Media Networks: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube

We just signed up at Intellifluence, we are guessing that they are set up to connect influencers with brands on Amazon needing product reviews. Will include more information as we have it! 

Join Intellifluence here

24. Izea

Social Media Networks: All

At Izea, Influencers can bid money to apply for opportunities. Not really our cup of tea but it might be worth checking out. You can also post products and earn a commission for product sales.

Join Izea here

25. Linqia

Social Media Networks: Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

Minimum followers required: 2,500

Linqia will send over opportunities that are a good fit. They want to work with quality storytellers and promise a fast payout for campaigns

Join Linqia here

26. Massive Sway

Social Media Networks: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Youtube

IFabbo closed up shop and recently re-opened as Massive Sway. There are few campaigns available but all are of high quality. It is annoying that when applying for brand campaigns, you have to manually enter your social media stats and handles. This information should already be saved on the website as there is a section for each influencer to input all those details. The website just launched so maybe they are still working out all their glitches. We appreciated that Massive Sway is the only network on this list that allowed you to input your Periscope stats.

Join Massive Sway here

27. Network Niche

Social Media Networks: Blog, Instagram, FB, Twitter, Periscope

Network niche is a network of over 2,500 influencers. Once you are registered, they will email opportunities to you via their newsletter. We assume the opportunities are heavily blog related as influencers are required to display Network Niche’s badge on their websites.

Join Network Niche here


Social Media Networks: Blog, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, TikTok has a super well-designed website. Point and click to easily submit and apply to the available campaigns. They also have a unique bonus points system where you can earn cash. You can earn a “corgi” each time you complete a campaign on-time and followed all instructions correctly. Three corgis = $20 cash, a pretty cool and easy perk!

Join here


30. Popular Pays

Social Media Networks Served: Instagram

Easily apply to collaborations, both paid and product only via the Popular Pays app. It’s a beautiful app providing detailed information about the requirements of each campaign. Super transparent, we love that!

Join Popular Pays here 

31. Social Fabric

Social Media Networks Served: Blog and Instagram

We used to book at least 2 blog campaigns a month via this network but we are hardly booking any this year. The average blog campaign pays $400, they are working with mostly Fortune 500 brands like Target, Walmart, Nestle, and more

Join Social Fabric here

32. Snapinfluence

Social Media Networks Served: Unknown

Snapinfluence doesn’t have a website set up for influencers but they will email their influencers internally with available campaigns. We signed up to the mailing list, will report back if we receive anything!

Join Snapinfluence here

33. Social Native

Social Media Networks Served: Instagram

Social Native is pretty active with it’s Instagram campaign availability. We like that the network shoots you an email when a campaign shows up that would be a good fit for you. They have tons of campaigns available, we receive emails with campaign opportunities several times a week. 11/14/2020 – They pay about $100 a post for 50K followers.

Join Social Native here

34. Social Spark

Social Media Networks Served: All

They have many campaigns posted that you can apply to, most of them that we glanced at looked food-related although there were other campaigns mixed in. We haven’t applied for any campaigns yet1

Join Social Spark here

35. Socialix

Social Media Networks Served: Facebook, Google+, Instagram Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Youtube

Socialix has a really cool infographic-style overview of your influence over different social media networks available once you have signed up to the website. It might be worth signing up just to check it out and maybe take a screenshot of it to use in your press kit. Scroll their marketplace to view their plentiful campaign opportunities.

Join Socialix here

36. Tapinfluence

Social Media Networks Served: Unknown

Tapinfluence is one of our favorite influencer networks, we’ve made a lot of money with the company. Input all your social media stats and Tapinfluence will email you when they have a campaign that is a good fit. Super recommend!

Join Tapinfluence here

37. Tomoson

Social Media Networks Served: Blog, Facebook Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube

Tomoson specializes in working with Amazon products, mostly you can apply to receive a plethora of products for free in exchange for a review. You will need an Amazon Prime account to receive free shipping. A great perk is that you have the option to review products on Amazon for product exchange only, instead of using your social channels to post sponsored content. You can also opt to apply for paid promotions.

Join Tomoson here


Social Media Networks Served: Instagram

This Australia-based app provides a variety of different brands to collaborate with inside their app. One thing we dislike is that we have to create a post and submit the photo to apply for the campaign. We would at least like to know that the brand was interested in working with us before having to deal with such a cumbersome application process, many apps on this list just allow you to swipe right if you’re interested.

Join TRIBE here

39. Women’s Influencer Network

Social Media Networks Served: Facebook, Blog Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr

The Women’s Influencer Network connects influencers with female-oriented brands. We applied and will share more details if we get accepted!

Join the Women’s Influencer Network here

Influencer Platforms to AVOID

Below are the influencer networks that have negative feedback from influencers

1. Speakr

We worked on two paid campaigns with Speakr in June and July 2018. It is now November and we haven’t yet been paid for our campaigns and the company has been completely unresponsive to emails. Check out this story about them on The Atlantic

We aren’t the only ones that haven’t been paid. See here

Find out about this dishonest platform here

We hope that this article was useful to you! Please EMAIL us if you have any missing details or want to share any success stories!

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