Influencer marketing should be only one facet of your overall marketing plan. Sponsored posts from influencers are primarily used to raise awareness for your brand.

These are secondary side benefits that can result from an influencer campaign, but these should not be the main purpose. 

  • To drive potential customers to your business
  • To promote sales for both new and existing products
  • To introduce a new product or service to the market
  • To differentiate your product from your competitors

Influencer marketing will always raise awareness for a brand if the influencer has solid engagement. However, for a post to convert into sales, many factors are at play

  • Is the advertising Rule of 7 in place?
  • How well is the brand’s website designed to optimize for sales?
  • How well is the brand’s sales funnel leading the customer to purchase?

When hiring one of our influencers to make a sponsored post for your brand, please remember the advertising rule of 7. Assuming that the influencers are introducing their audience to the brand for for the first time, the likelihood of them making a purchase off one single Instagram post is relatively low (unless it’s a celebrity influencer such as Kim Karadashian). 

Here are our recommendations on how to Maximize the Rule of 7 with the least amount of monetary investment, with option 3 being our favorite option.

Option 1 – Hire Influencer for 7 touchpoints

Invest in a campaign with each influencer for 7 total posts. These might include one Instagram post + one Instagram video + multiple Instagram stories. This could also include Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, or any combination of these options.

Option 2 – Hire Multiple Influencers 

This option is the priciest. You’ll also notice that when successful social media brands such as Revolve or Sugarbear Vitamins run influencers campaigns, the influencer never just post once about the brand, each participating influencer posts multiple times over the lifetime for the campaign which can span six months to a year or more. Additionally, there are at least 50 other influencers simultaneously posting their own original content for the campaign. If you don’t have the budget to flood the feed with this style of campaign, the Facebook/Instagram ads option below is a much cheaper way to achieve the desired result. 

Option 3 – Repurpose Influencer Content (RECOMMENDED: Most Cost Effective Method)

We recommend that brands hire the influencer to create a photo or video content and which will be posted on the influencer’s channels for the purpose of exposure for the brand. Afterward, the brand should then repurpose the content created by the influencer for FB and Instagram ads. This option does require some knowledge of Facebook ads, testing Facebook ads, and retargeting, but can be quite effective with a minimum of investment in ads.