Social Media Influencers Feature: DJ Heavygrinder

Influencers meet DJ Heavygrinder! DJ Heavygrinder is one of the top female djs in the industry, spinning the genres of house, electronica, indie and trance. She has traversed the globe many times playing at huge festivals like Coachella and exotic locales such as Spain, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico

Source:  Kascade

Source: Kaskade

What are you currently working on?

We’re working on our next EP — the follow-up to “Setsuna” — which will be released this Spring. Also got some other tricks up our sleeve, but those are still hush-hush for now!

How did you achieve your social media influence?

I guess it was a combination of having incredibly loving and engaging fans, and really focusing on providing fun and relevant content on a regular basis.

Any advice for emerging DJs?

My honest advice to anyone trying to make it in this business is to hone your skills as much as possible — both in the studio and behind the decks — as it will set you apart from the competition. Furthermore, your fans will recognize and most definitely appreciate your dedication!

What tips would you give those who are trying to achieve social media influencer?

Keep your fans updated on what you’re up to daily; if you’re at the studio, show them what you’re working on; if you went out shopping, take a few pictures or record a small video. Also, try to be as engaging as you can, as this will create a stronger bond between you and your fans.