Social Media Influencers Feature: Hallory Sindelar


Social Media Influencers please meet Hallory Sindelar. She is a super talented producer at Vendetta Studios and has worked on exciting projects such as the most recent Trojan Condoms snapchat story, Chad Future TV – which will be premiering on the Fullscreen app and working with influencers such as ISATV.

Love your work! How did you get into video production?

I’ve always kind of been in the industry. I grew up in Arizona and my mom is a writer/director/actor/producer. I acted in plays for years, and started working behind the scenes in high school- building sets, running sound and lights, etc. After exploring several areas of interest in college, I went back to my roots and rediscovered my love of the industry.
I joined Vendetta Studios as a Production Assistant in 2012, when I was still in college. I would drive out from Claremont, CA every weekend to help on set. After graduation, I worked a few of restaurant jobs until I started working with Vendetta full-time.
Currently, I am a freelance producer with Vendetta Studios and I work full-time as a Social Media Coordinator at NBCUniversal.
 It must be so exciting to work at Vendetta Studios. For those who don’t know about Vendetta, could you give the readers a background?
–Vendetta Studios is made up of the most talented, driven, professional people I know. Started by the prolific talent of David Lehre over a decade ago, our team does everything in-house, from concept to delivery.

What’s a typical day like at Vendetta Studios?

–Freelance work always fluctuates, but we’ve been really busy the past few years! As a producer, I do everything from casting, finding locations, budgets, etc. With a full-time job and freelance work, it’s awesome that I get to work on things I’m so passionate about!
 Especially Loved the Stop-motion Snapchat Story for Trojan Condoms! Could you tell us about the about the process of creating the videos from idea development to shooting.

–Those were a lot of fun to make. Trojan approached us and asked us to create something for their Spring Break Snapchat campaign. Our team came up with a few ideas and from there, we planned, shot, and edited everything in about a week.

Check out the Trojan Snapchat Project below

Is it something that a regular Snapchat user could feasibly produce or would it require a team?

–In theory, yes. In practice, it’s a little more in depth than meets the eye. We shot everything on an iphone 6s, and worked with a team of about five or six people.  It’s the editing process that really requires someone with amazing skill. Not everyone can edit a 10-second video that tells a complete story!

What is the favorite project that you have worked on?

–With Vendetta, my favorite and biggest project is probably Chad Future TV. We lived and filmed in South Korea for a month, which was an amazing experience. The finished product is a 10-episode series that will be available on SVOD on the new Fullscreen App (available for download on April 26).

What are some current projects that you are working on?

Right now, we are promoting Chad Future TV, working on a few commercials, and putting together a few other projects which are still in the conceptualization phase.
 Do you have any advice for emerging Influencers trying to make their mark on Snapchat?
For anyone who is trying to make their dreams a reality, perseverance and passion are key. This industry is such a mix of talent AND luck. You just have to keep working until you get where you want to be. Surround yourself with like minded people, never take anything for granted, and put what you want out into the world!