Social Media Influencers Feature: Raqib Marvelous

Social Media Influencers please meet Raqib Marvelous. We were super impressed with the fact that Youtube paid for him to relocate to Los Angeles and he is now touring the country as a guest making appearances for his fans at Anime Conventions.

Raqib is a Social Media Influencer and Content Creator with over 100,000+ followers across social media who has been interested in the Creator space since he discovered in 2001. He has dabbled in everything from hand-drawn art to animation, but really began to shine with personal videos on YouTube and live content on Twitch. From there, he branched out into every other social media outlet, and began making guest appearances at industry events. With his constantly growing audience, he redirects his traffic into animal rescue and welfare, having collectively raised over $10,000 for animal charity.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m working on growing out my YouTube and SnapChat. The goal by the end of the year is to reach a following of half a million.

How did you achieve your social media influence?

Your guess is as good as mine. One day I was a student, the next day I was suddenly met with a few hundred super dedicated followers. I think it was all in my cats, not so much me!

Any advice for emerging Influencers?

Consistency and networking. I feel like this applies to all forms of audience growth / community development. If you have 5 followers, learn everything you can about them- from the names of their spouses to their pets. Collab with influencers who also cater to the niche you’re trying to grow in.

Here are some more of Raqibs’s viral videos on Vine!